VIPissy – Gigi Rouge & Noa Tevez

Category: ODAY

Redhead babe Gigi Rouge is resting in bed with Noa Tevez when she wakes up and starts to get dressed. Noa stirs too and soon joins her, tempting her back onto the bed for some fun. Noa kneels above Gigi and starts pussy pissing over her white lace panties, starting the first of many golden showers. She licks up her leg and moves onto her slim body and helps Gigi out of her panties to lick her pussy! These pissing lesbians switch places and now completely naked, Gigi pees on Noa too! These hot pissing pornstars enjoy some more pussy licking action and even take turns to piss in each others mouths, giving themselves a taste of the others golden piss. They get even more turned on after this and take even bigger mouthfuls of pee while continuing their oral action on each other. They take turns to work on masturbating their pussies to get off and splash their hands in one final pee stream each in this seriously sensual scene!

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