Pornstar Platinum – Leya Falcon

Category : ODAY

Ok so I’m here today with Jon Jon & there is a issue ok, he wants to use lube & I’ll don’t like lube. Watch, I’ll gag on my 2 fingers for a second, look, that looks like lube but it’s actually salvia, just as good as lube, if not better! Jon Jon doesn’t think it’s as good as lube, I think it is. Listen, the bottom line is, if we must us lube it has to be absolutely necessary, but saliva will do & I�m sure my asshole wont get burned up either. Also I have not been fucked by a black man in a long time, so I have not been ripped, but I would like to be ripped! So lets get it on, Jon Jon is here, cameras are rolling, lets do it! BTW I got my wish we did not use lube & Jon Jon fucked my asshole real good, I always get my way. Hope you like this awesome interracial, anal pounding scene, lube not included!

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