Exploited College Girls – Violet

Category: ODAY

So Violet, what’s your Double Penetration (DP) experience? “None,” she said with an excited anticipation that one would only see on the face of a young’in in line for a ride while at Disneyland for the first time. God I love first timers, and even though Violet is returning for her fourth scene with us she has reason to be nervous. So lets count the ways this little submissive has stripped, sucked and fucked for us, shall we? 1st anal with Rick over at BackroomCastingCouch.com everyone. Yes anal and he’s created an anal loving twenty something we think. Next it’s Tyler’s turn as he also tried his cock out in that tight little asshole of hers, along with all her other orifices, for a shit load of painal fun at ExCoGi and when I say this girl’s a pleaser I mean it…

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