Backroom Casting Couch – Kat

Category: ODAY

Lovely little 19yo Kat is one of those big-things-come-in-small-packages kinda gal. She’s very outgoing, upbeat, bubbly and playful. Spoiler alert: she’s hiding some fantastical titties under that shirt. She’s starts off well by letting us know that she’s very eager and willing to please. Then we get to know her a little better on the couch where we find out that she’s got a boyfriend who’s encouraging her exploits. Apparently they’re both members of the swinger lifestyle, and I can imagine being such a cute young thing she’s pretty popular. It seems like she’s fairly kinky which is only gonna help her today lol. After getting to know her, we get her naked and take a look at those holes. Then I join her on the couch and she agrees to put my cock in her mouth, and then we’re off and running. She’s a very good and compliant girl, and does a great job getting my cock hard and ready to fuck. By the time I finally get my cock inside her she’s literally dreeeenched…

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