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42 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Hot chicks discover that their boyfriends are cheating. They decide to do something. They tie them up so they can watch another man get fucked. Watching these hotties work another dudes cock you cant imagine why their men would cheat! This site features girls who have been caught cheating by their boyfriends. Then, as a reward, they tie him and watch him fuck another dude. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.When boyfriends cheat, most girls either leave, throw all his belongings onto the front yard, key his car, or some combination of all three. On Make Him Cuckold the girls don’t do any of those things. Instead they tie up their man and make him watch while they fuck another guy in front of him. The scenes begin with the girlfriend finding some evidence that her man has been unfaithful. In the first scene I watched she found a sexy picture on his phone and in another scene the chick found a love note the guy had hidden. After the discovery the guy gets tied up. In the first scene the guy was passed out drunk, so it was easy. In the second the dude brought home kinky chains and cuffs and she played along long enough to get him tied to the radiator before going and getting another dude to bang in front of him.
This site features wild cuckold action featuring hot young women getting pounded orally, anally and vaginally by some pretty big cocks. While it is all being captured by high quality videos and pictures. If your a fan of steamy cuckold action, then this site is waiting for you.
As you may already know, the cuckold genre is a rather tough fetish to pull off. To do it effectively, the performers have to be believable in their roles. If you don’t believe they are real people, then it just doesn’t work very effectively. That is probably why Make Him Cuckold works so effectively. Now I am sure that not all of the performers are real couples, but the videos do a good job in making you believe they are real people. That makes the content really hot. The action you receive on this site is exactly what you would expect and what is promised on the tour. The girls find out their guys are cheating and decide to enact some revenge. So they force their boyfriends to watch them suck and fuck another guy. Usually why they are tied up or restrained in some other way. In fact, some of the ladies even go as far as gagging their guys so they don’t have to listen to them run their mouths while they are fucking. There is one video that features a hot blonde named Abbey. This skinny chick not only makes her boyfriend watch her fuck a strange guy, but at one point ends up getting fucked right on top of him. That gives all new meaning to the phrase, “getting cheated on.”
The site lives up to its marketing on the tour and the various samples we saw there. The guys here really are bitched and dominated by their pissed off girlfriends, who go so far as tying them up and duct taping their mouths closed so they don’t have to listen to their cheating boyfriends pleas to stop fucking another guy. Some girls prefer to listen to their boyfriend’s whining and pleading to stop, though, and it can add a lot of erotic tension and a bit of a thrill of the illicit hardcore fucking. Once the boyfriends are tied up and pushed to the side of the bed, the girl will call in another guy and start sucking his dick, letting him lick her tits or pussy or both, and then get totally naked so he can fuck her shaved pussy. The girls are petite and slender European girls, attractive and all-natural, and some even let the strangers fuck them in the ass. Half the time, the babes are literally lying beside their tied up boyfriends, grinning and enjoying the big dick thrusting in and out of their pussy while the cheating scumbag watches. Make Him Cuckold is an exciting idea, and though the library is small it’s a fun collection of HD porn to check out if the concept appeals. I think it’s really erotic how the petite girls will just let another dude fuck them like an animal with their boyfriends right beside them and begging them to stop. I do wish they had more content online and some indication of how often they will update in the future, but the site is brand new and comes with enough quality extras and bonuses to make it worth a try.

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