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South Florida is where my heart is and I love living there! New Jersey was great, but Florida is where it’s at home. I did gymnastics my entire childhood. I stopped when I turned 12. At the age of 10, I decided to become vegetarian. It was very difficult living in an Italian family. Yet, I am still vegetarian ten-plus years later. I won 2 academic awards in high school and even attended college classes during my senior year.. At the time, I was studying to be a sign-language interpreter. However, it wasnt for my purposes. Although I wish I had completed American Sign Language, I may return to it in the near future. After I graduated from high school in 2013, I worked at a well known convenience store in Jersey as a cashier. I quit around 7 months in.. That’s not really a job for me lol. I found an online porn agency at 18 and here I am now! Im about 55 tall, 115 pounds, 81/2 shoe size, long brunette/blonde hair, no tattoos or body piercings.. It was great! I love watching TV series and movies of every kind. The Sopranos and Orange Is The New Black and Shameless are some of my favourite TV shows. I also enjoy Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock! Not sure why but Alec Baldwin is so sexy to me! A few of my favorite movies are DeadPool, American Ultra, Gone Girl, and This Is The End.. I love any Seth Rogan film. DeadPool has made me a fan of superheroes. Other than watching movies, I like to workout and stay fit. A nice body is something I am proud of. As I age, it is my goal to keep up with an active lifestyle. I love going to the beach and swimming. Everyone loves tan lines! And if you didn’t already know, I also love smoking weed. I can cook for myself, and I always like my food so I think Im a descent cook. When I have spare time, I like to color. Im not an artist at all, but coloring helps me clear my mind.
I am the Girl Next Door type. My skin is beautiful and my smile is natural. Although I take some time to be open with people, my sense of humor is great. I love to smile and laugh. I also know when it’s time for me to work hard and be serious. Although I don’t like being in large crowds, I enjoy shopping and going to conventions and concerts. My favorite features are my eyes, legs, ass and tits! My eyes are so pretty, they change color depending on what Im wearing. They are blue, green, and brown and I love my almond shaped eyes. I have always been told I have beautiful hands and legs. I love how strong and thick my legs look after years of gym. My love for my ass is obvious. Its so round and bubbly! Although my tits were slightly larger than they are now I like the shape and color of my breasts. I also used to have my nipples pierced but I took out the jewelry after about 2 years. I would never change anything about myself, but I do have club thumbs or toe thumbs lol.

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