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John Tron, hello! If you’re looking at this website right now, then you can clearly see I’m a little bit of an Asian Female connoisseur. To share my passion for them, this website was created. Some might call it an obsession. My Filipina Sex Diary, welcome! It’s a daily Filipina pussy trophy collection of a French Canadian porn producer named John Tron. He makes frequent trips to the Philippines and stays there for longer periods, a couple of months at a time. He dates a lot of Filipina girls. His diary is updated every day with a pickup story of a girl, nude pictures he shot with her or hardcore porn movies John films while he gets laid by his acquaintances.

The site looks a little bit like a sexual copy of Facebook and it’s intended this way because many of the girls are not hookers like in so called bargirl sites, but they are contacts from Asian dating sites and social networks like Friendster, Facebook, DateinAsia and Myspace. John shows logs from his extensive yahoo chat sessions with his potential targets and he scores well. His escapades can very well serve as an tutorial of how to get laid by a Filipina chat mate from Yahoo messenger. Let’s return to the porn part of this new site from the Philippines. There are around 2 new hardcore sex tapes published every week. They are shot in POV style, that means the shooter is holding the camera while he has sex with his performing Filipina pussy. While this style has it’s limitations it is very authentic. It frames the most important essence of a particular situation and sex act and nails it down to the highlight. If POV shooter loves a Pinay girl’s big boobs he will emphasize her boobs doing some action like Russian sex or show angles that present her boobs swinging up and down during doggy style sex. If she has a hairy Filipina pussy, main focus will be closeups of her female genitalia and an Asian creampie for climax. If she has a beautiful teen face a facial cumshot on her face will be in the books.

Filipina Sex Diary was a documentation of real sex life in the Philippines. It’s not stiff sex by the book, but a book written about genuine Filipina pussy, how to get her, how to treat her and how to get what you want from her. It’s one third of documentary, one third or tutorial and a final part of unique Asian smut. Original smut that smells on screen and not that generic commercial porn of bargirls that don’t want to do what they are doing. Filipina Sex Diary’s girls seem to be having fun performing and there is no sign of sexual exploitation of financial entitlements. I hate those Asian porn sites where a fat guy walks up to a girl with a couple of Dollars in his hand and asks to do a porn movie “you give me head, I buy you rice”. That’s cheap and bad. John from FSD courts his women and makes them gifts. Very natural relationship and courtship behavior and he is in good shape, just like waht you expect from a former Canadian kickboxing champion.

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