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This anal site is all about taking the tight assholes of lovely coeds and stretching them beyond recognition. These horny chicks don’t just have cookie-cutter butt sex. They get their assholes fucked until they gape just the way we like them. Look down the ruby red, dark tunnels that are these beautiful ladies are showing off. There is regular anal sex and then there is hardcore ass pounding. By the end of the latter, the gals have got a butt hole so big that if they open their mouths light would shine through. Welcome to Gape Her Ass. If you were looking for some soft and sweet butt lovemaking, then obviously you have come to the wrong place. You have also come to the wrong place if you are looking for exclusive content, since all the hardcore GapeHerAss action is actually nonexclusive. Since I started off with two reasons why the site is the wrong place to be, you might be thinking that it is a pretty poor site. Well, not to use the same word again, but you would be wrong.
There is something to be said about a yawning asshole dwarfing its neighboring vagina. I don’t know what that statement is, but no doubt the word ‘bizarro’ is in the diction. Some people might say this is a perversion of the natural order and they would be right, but perversion is exactly what the noble Samaritans of Gape Her Ass are all about. They hit the mark and hit it well, turning a rectum into a pleasure mine. With delving dicks, dildos, and fingers they go deep in search for rich veins of orgasm ore. No chick is too petite, no puckering asshole too cute, every bungus is fair game. Do these girls enjoy being drilled like the Klondike? Apparently. They waste no time taking that thick dick from their colon and sucking on it like a lollipop forged by the likes of Willie Wanka himself. Yes, the sex is as hardcore as it gets. Lots of rough anal, chocking, and miscellaneous abuse all in the name of fun. Surprisingly, the girls are all amazingly hot! Their talent could have easily been wasted on a Persian catwalk as a high fashion model. Luckily for us, they choose to do anal porn instead.

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