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Hey guys welcome my little place on the web, I’m Addison:-) I started my site because I’ve incurred loads of gambling debts and need to pose naked, strip and whore myself out to pay back my bookie before he breaks my arms and legs, please help I don’t want to die. Just kidding, I grew up in the mid west and am currently a college student at UNLV… Go Rebels! I don’t gamble, put I do like to party:-)

Addison is a very hot college babe from the Midwest who loves to get naked and show off her beautiful body. The site features sexy pictures and videos of Addison baring all and playing on her own. This is strictly a softcore site, so watch as she gets off on being an exhibitionist. What you won’t get off on is the lack of new content on an already small site. According to the Addison St James tour, Addison started her website because she needed to make some money and pay back her bookie before he broke her arms and legs. Now before you go running to the cops on her behalf, you should know that the story is only a joke and that her limbs aren’t in any real danger. With that being said, I’d gladly give her money to get naked, whether she needs it or not. AddisonStJames is perhaps better known in the porn world as Addison Rose. I’ve personally been a fan of hers for some time now, since the day I saw her give some lucky guy one of the steamiest blowjobs I’ve ever seen captured on film. I was hoping I’d see some more of her hot BJ skills here, but it was not to be. The reason is that this is strictly a softcore site.

As is the case for most of us in the world, Addison St James will do just about anything for some money. As it pertains to this review, Addison was willing to set up a website and get naked in movies and photos for some extra spending cash to feed her shopping addiction and pay off some gambling debts that were so large her healthy was at risk. Updates are coming about once a month to Addison St James but while you’re waiting you’ll find plenty of individual model sites to check out in the bonus section. You have an all-access pass to many of them, including Suicide Scarlett, XXX Mina, Busty Cindy, Ditzi Dani, Lynsi, Wild Amber and Tiffany XXX. It’s a great package of individual model porn that also has some hardcore and fetish sites to enjoy as well. For fans of Addison this is a great option.

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