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Native American amateurs from Winnipeg and Thunder Bay take the limelight in these POV blowjobs and handjobs. The gals come in all sexy shapes and sizes, but there is only one Shimmy. He’s the man behind the camera and the one who supplies the throbbing cock in the footage. Come enter his world of native beauty and pleasurable times that end with facials. NDN Girls features Native American girls giving some succulent blowjobs and tug-tastic handjobs. These amateurs come in all shapes and sizes, have playful attitudes and seem to enjoy doing the shimmy, so to speak. Shimmy, the man behind NDNGirls, was working at a casino near the US/Canadian border when he got the idea for this site. The community he was living in included many Ojibwa and Cree babes and he figured it was time for the whole online world to appreciate these ladies.

Shimmy gives most of his scenes a star rating and a fairly lengthy write-up. He honestly points out the problems he had with the flicks and gives some interesting and funny background information. The POV blowjob/handjob vids come in different video formats depending on the individual scene in question. NDN Girls promises its viewers “Native Pornstars, Casino Girls, College Students, Reservation Hotties” and more, all in 100% exclusive movies. Beyond the exclusivity of the content, the NDN Girls tour doesn’t really mention media formats, numbers or anything else specific. One thing is very clear upon signing into the members area and that is that this is very much a work in progress. NDN Girls just launched a few weeks prior to this visit and though it has mostly found its footing, there are signs that things are still being worked on. All of the site’s photographs, for example, are in a simple gallery and several menu items don’t lead to anything. The webmaster, Shimmy, is pretty upfront with his members about where he’s at though. His last update message read simply: “Photos just uploaded. Still working around the clock to get all the video content encoded and uploaded. Enjoy!” In other words, he’s working hard to get things up to the highest standards.

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