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Break out the measuring tape on all the massive man meat here. These horny teen cuties want to get fucked right now and only the most massive cocks you’ll ever see will do the trick. Seeing is believing when these chicks have their tight teen pussies stretched to the max by huge dicks they had only dreamed about.
Big Cock Teen Addiction is one of the more straightforward and complicated concepts in the excellent Traffic Cash Gold range, with a title that pretty much speaks for itself! The first thing that struck me about the site was the splendid collection of alluring young ladies that they had gathered together for the action here. This is a really cute collection of girls who betray their cutesy looks for some seriously hard action in places. They are excellent performers, particularly so in the case of Isabella Soprano, who I have seen elsewhere in this collective. The ‘big cock’ in question is mostly administered by Ramon, a very largely endowed gentleman who is used practically all the way through this site. The action is hardcore throughout, but it would have been nice to have seen a bit of variety thrown in here and there in the form of some threesomes and the suchlike.
It’s fun to watch a big cock fuck into a tight pussy, isn’t it? There’s something naughty about the idea of the cock being so big that it’s hurting the girl or tearing her open, at least for some. For others it’s the simple visual pleasure of the big cock going into the small girl. For others still I imagine there are different reasons. The bottom line is that it’s awesome watching a big cock fuck a small chick and there are sites like Big Cock Teen Addiction that make these fantasies come to life for us. There are certain terrible sites online that claim to have big cocks but fall though in delivering them. Some sites even go so far as to Photoshop images to make the dicks look bigger. You can tell from a quick visit to the tour that Big Cock Teen Addiction is not one of those sites. In the free trailers and pictures they offer the girls are all playing with genuinely huge cocks. They certainly look bigger because the girls are small but there’s no question that when a dude’s dick is as big as a girl’s forearm that it’s just plain huge.
I keep harping on the crappy video quality because there are dozens of teen porn sites online that offer you the same kind of content but can give you higher quality movies. Some even charge less money. I just don’t understand why a modern site that continues to update on a semi-regular basis wouldn’t upgrade their video quality. It’s inexcusable. Big Cock Teen Addiction is a hot site in every way except the video quality. The girls are young and beautiful, their bodies are tight and sexy and they absolutely love to fuck big cocks. The dicks are enormous, too. It’s good pornographic action and it’s all dragged down by the shitty videos.Big Cock Teen Addiction certainly serves up plenty of what it promises in the title, and does so with consistently good hardcore content and very little material of a poor nature. With a little bit more range to some of the content and a better focus on the images, this will improve dramatically.

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