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On top of being a hilarious play on words, Sum Dum Cunt is actually an amazing Asian oriented porn site (no pun intended), and as tired and cranky as I am from boozing last night, I can’t stop smiling a big perverted smile as I sift through its content. Right now I’m watching Ava Devine being murdered in the ass; this white guy is just going to town, drilling her backdoor balls deep thrust after thrust and my grin keeps on getting bigger and more grotesque. I could be the Joker right now aerating Batman’s skull with a Desert Eagle; that’s the kind of joy Sum Dum Cunt seems to instantly inspire. And it’s just not me, having a few screws loose, making this smut so sensational. Every one in the office is staring at my monitors with beaming happy-faces. (It’s actually quite creepy.) Obviously, this is the effect excellent porn has on the male creature. Ladies of the Far East, I salute you (in more ways than one).

If you like Asians then it is time you tried Sum Dum Cunt. The site gives you some of the hottest Asian pornstars getting dirty in all sorts of hot action from lesbian sex, hardcore fucking, anal stuffing, threesomes and more. These hot Asian babes don’t bother even pretending to be good girls and get right into the dirty action. Members are going to find a tasty dim sum of Eastern snatch and ass. Plus, there are tons of bonuses to keep you from ever getting bored at Sum Dum Cunt.The content at Sum Dum Cunt is supposedly exclusive but I have a hard time believing this. It seems like these scenes are taken from DVDs or from other sites. That would account for the huge amount of variety found here. I don’t mind non-exclusive videos when there is a big collection to make up for it. However, there are only 78 videos at Sum Dum Cunt. This number isn’t going to change either because the site hasn’t been updated since July 08. The videos vary in length but tend to be on the longer side at around 30 minutes. Only about half the videos have photo galleries though, if you are into still images. Sum Dum Cunt makes a great addition to the entire network package that is included with membership. As a stand-alone site, it needs some work in terms of site growth and quality. Since there are no more updates coming in, we can rule out these possibilities. Still, the amount of variety and incredibly hot Asian models is impressive and is definitely worth at least a month-long membership. If you stick around longer though, it will be because of the bonus content.

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