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27 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

They take chicks who want to model and put them through an interview process designed to break down their innocence and bring out the horny wannabe in all of them. After some talk and photos, the chicks are convinced to strip, leading to their hardcore intro to the porn world. The HD Vids network presents Pornstar Tryouts. A reality porn website that includes sexy actresses! There is no original theme or weird scenes like we have seen on this network before. You’ll see the usual sexual practices that you can see on any adult website. The most simple things are always the best, that’s the goal of the site, to make you appreciate sex without misconduct, or violence.
At Pornstar Tryouts they advertise for models to audition for them and these silly amateur girls think they’re going to be the next Cindy Crawford! Little do they know they’re really going to be the next Jenna Jameson! These chicks are willing to do anything to make it and as soon as they see the cocks come out, they’re a little reluctant at first but then they see stars in their eyes and get to business! Sexy unemployed chicks come in hoping to become models, but three days later they are sucking, fucking and taking loads of cum all over their pretty faces. Pornstar Tryouts has made it their goal to convince the hottest babes around that their only future is in porn.
Pornstar Tryouts puts a twist on the typical casting couch style porn concept by painting the pornstar wannabes as duped mainstream models. They see an ad for a modeling gate, come in for an interview, get talked into posing nude, and before they know it they’re fucking on film! Some gals will do just about anything to become famous, and the model hopefuls here at Pornstar Tryouts really take that to an extreme! Something about the mostly yellow and purple design of the tour pages here at Pornstar Tryouts make this site look a bit dated, and it indeed has been around for around five years or so. Quite a few of the scenes are previewed here with images and text, but the tour would definitely benefit from some streaming video trailers and concrete information about the size of the Pornstar Tryouts collection.


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