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Hello sweetie, I’m Bunny, 20 years old and a little fitness bunny from the heart of Bavaria. Here I live outwardly very well with my parents. As the village is so prudish neighbors, of course, would like to know everything that happened to me behind drawn curtains, but you can imagine what that would be a scandal, if I would be known as a small country girl suddenly as a sexy camgirl.
Anyway, I’m actually more of the shy girl next door, which has just recently split up and now has become quite curious, what is there so outside of a long-standing relationship to discover yet.
Since a few friends of mine had an idea how I could make up for it all. At first I thought that’s not for me, because I’m too inexperienced and shy, but then I gave myself a jerk and realized how much fun it makes me and now, as soon as my parents are out of the house , I go after my little, secret hobby.
So pssst, this must be everything under us;) I’m looking forward to you, your gymbunny.


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